Brandy Talore Whips Them out for Free

Ladies and gentlemen, Brandy Talore here, and I'm sporting a tank top that just can't hold me back! My big breasts are more out of this top, then they are in it. So tight, so constrictive, that's it - I have to pull them out! But never mind, because it's time to let it all hang out! I know you all want a peek, and I'm never afraid to let you get a couple ''free ones!''

Starring: Brandy Talore
Length: 03:02
Brandy Talore - The Fruits of Being a Pornstar

I'm Brandy Talore, and I am one fruity pornstar! Today, you get 11 minutes of extra footage, and it's all about the fruit: my big melons, those long, curved fruits that you put in your mouth, and that moist passion fruit between my legs. Fruit is so good, and yummy, and so juicy... If you tear it up, or even puncture it with your fingers, you get wet mess that winds up everywhere. It's sticky, but it tastes great!

Starring: Brandy Talore
Length: 11:29
Brandy Talore Takes a Masturbation Break

Brandy Talore here, just wrapping up in the kitchen so we can start today's extra-hot 15 minute extra! I've been cleaning up the kitchen and my white shirt is totally soaked! I know you want to stare at my big tits, and you know what? Fuck it, I'll whip them out for you! After all, if a house wife can't take a break from boring chores to play with her pussy... a pornstar sure as hell can!

Starring: Brandy Talore
Length: 15:08
Candy Manson Has a Sweet Tooth for Brandy Talore!

Brandy Talore here! Fans, I had it made when we filmed this piece. Candy Manson waited on me hand and foot ...all I had to do was lay back and look pretty! She brought me a pan of cupcakes, but they weren't for eating. Cue 20 minutes of big breasts covered in icing, then getting smeared all over our bodies, and getting licked off! She licked and sucked it off my pussy, then she laid back and let me thank her with one of my toys.

Starring: Candy Manson, Brandy Talore
Length: 20:47